FCRA has been providing independent scientific advice to food and chemical companies since 1998. During that time the issues covered have been extremely wide-ranging allowing the accumulation of broad experience in key client areas. FCRA specialises in the provision of dietary exposure assessments, study supervision and the compilation of product authorisation dossiers.

Projects may be small and self-contained, providing answers to specific scientific questions. A recent example would be modelling potential intakes of food colours from the consumption of soft drinks.

Sometimes a more investigative approach is needed such as an extensive survey across European food manufacturers to identify uses of mineral hydrocarbons for inclusion in a multi-source exposure model. A similar exercise is underway to identify use levels of natural food colours for inclusion in an intake assessment model.

On other occasions long-term support is provided to guide a new product through the entire registration process and submission of a regulatory dossier, such as for amino acids for use in fish and farm animal diets.

Substances assessed by FCRA include:

Agro-chemicals Chloropropanols Montan acid esters
Amino acids Cholesterol Omega-3 fatty acids
Annatto Curcumin OPE wax
Anti-oxidants Dioxins/furans Phytosterols
Aquaculture additives Fat replacers Polysaccharides
Astaxanthin Fructose Preservatives
Benzene Lycopene Sweeteners
Beta-carotene Mineral oils Vitamin D
Canthaxanthin Mineral waxes Selenium