Food Chemical Risk Analysis – the scientific consulting practice of Dr David Tennant. FCRA provides scientific and regulatory support to food and chemical industries operating in European markets including:

Food additives Pesticides
Nutrients Food contaminants
Feed additives Materials in contact with food
Novel foods Food supplements


Risk assessment is widely applied throughout European food safety legislation and frequently forms the critical point in the preparation of submissions for authorisation of new and existing products. FCRA has broad experience in the preparation of scientific information to support successful food and feed additive registration dossiers. A particular focus is the provision of dietary exposure analyses based on European food consumption surveys.

FCRA offers a bespoke service that is unavailable from other consulting or research organisations. Additional specialised support is obtained from scientific experts in areas such as toxicology, chemical analysis or food law to create a team that directly corresponds to client needs.

FCRA also engages in scientific research and development programmes, designed to further knowledge about risk assessment.